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We start the preparations a few days before, as there are many baking trays. Prepare the countertops in advance. They will strengthen a little, which will help us.

For each countertop, separate the egg whites from the yolks. We beat the egg whites with lg of water very, very well. Add the sugar and mix very well. Only when the meringue becomes shiny and very strong, add the yolks, one by one, mixing well after each one. Close the mixer, take out a spatula and add flour and dye. Mix manually with a mixer paddle until all the flour is incorporated. Be careful not to stir in a circular motion, but from the bottom up. The composition must remain frothy and hard.

We prepare the baking form either greased with butter and lined with flour, or provided with baking paper.

Pour the baking composition and put in the preheated oven, over medium heat, until it cooks nicely. Do not open the oven door for the first 30 minutes.

After we have finished baking all 6 worktops, we leave them to cool overnight and wrap them in paper. We store them cold, but not in the refrigerator.

We make the syrup from 2 liters of water, 400 gr of fresh raspberries and 4 slices of lemon, 10 lg of sugar. Put it to boil in a bowl, and after the syrup has boiled, let it cool and strain it. Put the syrup in a bottle and refrigerate.

Two days before decorating / assembling, we prepare the cream.

Beat the cream very well with a few lbs of powdered sugar and let it cool.

Melt the white chocolate on a steam bath. Be careful not to burn, not even a little, because it will change color. After it has melted well, take it off the heat and let it cool a bit.

In a bowl, put the mascarpone cheese and mix it with the rest of the powdered sugar. Add little by little the melted chocolate and mix well, well. At the end, add the cold cream. We will get a good, dense and fine dementia cream.

Each cake top is cut into two layers. Thus, for each floor, we will obtain 4 layers of countertop and 3 layers of cream. If necessary, we adjust the edge countertops, with a very sharp knife

We use a cardboard on which we assemble each cake floor. Ideally, we should use a detachable ring so that the cake sits evenly.

Syrup the first layer of top, place a thin layer of cream, put a few raspberries and put another layer of cream so that the raspberry is inside the cream. We continue until the last layer of the worktop and we finish. Refrigerate for at least 4-5 hours.

The day before garnishing, prepare a butter cream with powdered sugar. Mix the composition at maximum speed for about 10 minutes. We need to get a fine, frothy butter cream. With this cream we coat each cake separately. Apply a generous layer of cream. This helps us both in appearance, to come out evenly, round and with straight edges, but also to protect the fondant from the syrup in the cake. It's basically like a barrier between the countertop itself and the fondant.

After dressing the cakes in butter cream, store them cold for a few hours.

Knead the fondant a little and spread with a little starch a sheet of fondant with which we will coat each cake separately. Be careful, leave a very large edge of fondant over the cake, so the fondant will be easier to apply and will not make unsightly wrinkles. Press lightly on top and sideways, then cut off the excess fondant. However, keep a 1-2 cm edge of fondant that we will put under the cake. It will also protect you from any syrup that may leak.

We use a glider and press the fondant nicely on the cake, thus removing any remaining air bubbles or roughness.

Once covered in fondant, the cakes are stored cold and will be assembled.

We use a pressed cardboard platform that can support the entire weight of the cake.

Place the large diameter cake as a base. We use 4 skewer sticks, we put them in the cake, in the middle, at a distance of 5 cm from the edge of the cake. We cut them 3-4 mm higher than the height of the worktop and put them back in the cake. We place the medium diameter floor on a thin cardboard, cut to diameter with the countertop. We place it nicely over the large countertop and arrange it to be perpendicular. Also, we use 4 skewer sticks that we cut level with the countertop, with a maximum tolerance of 4 mm higher and we put them in the cake.

Next is the last floor, the small one, also placed on a cardboard cut to the same diameter.

We decorate the cake with fondant flowers, or with natural flowers, with various figurines. I inscribed with the help of a printer the initials of the bride and groom and the wish of the Stone House.

The cake weighed 13 kg.

The most important criteria in choosing a wedding cake

The wedding is one of the most important events in life, which is why every detail that is part of its organization matters. From the establishment of the place where it will take place, to the choice of the setting, the music and to the establishment of the menu, all these aspects finally give the note of the party. However, without exception, in any wedding, the "star" will be the bride and groom's cake that must be ordered in advance, before the event, especially if it takes place in high season.

According to the specialists from eTorturi, the choice of this supreme confectionery preparation in many special events is chosen taking into account the dimensions, weight, appearance and, of course, composition. Similar to other situations where good information matters, and when choosing luxury cakes, it is important to establish a plan that will include, in addition to the available budget, selection criteria in accordance with the preferences of the bride and groom.

The most important questions that need answers when choosing a wedding cake

The meeting with the confectioners who will create the cake is the moment when the most important questions must be answered:

• what options does the respective confectionery offer for the filling? Depending on your preferences, you can choose a fruity filling, white or dark chocolate mousses, fine vanilla or mascarpone creams or other

• what options are offered for the cake decoration? It can be fondant, marzipan or icing. In addition, flowers made of sugar paste or natural crystallized are decorative elements that give a unique note to a cake.

Other aspects that matter when choosing a wedding cake

Tasting is not a process that should be considered only by those who order cake in Bucharest or in other cities of the country. Assuming that there is no confectionery in a smaller town in the province, the cake can be ordered in the nearest town. You can't go beyond tasting the cake, even if the confectioners' works can be seen on websites or Facebook pages.

After choosing the composition and design of the cake, it is important to calculate its size. The formula is simple: number of guests x 100/150 grams / serving. In addition, the shape of the cake should not be overlooked. In order to choose a cake with floors, it is necessary for the bride and groom to make sure that the restaurant where the wedding will take place has an optimal refrigeration space for keeping the cake until the moment of cutting.

The design of the wedding cake can remain in the collective memory of the guests for a very long time or not. Usually, it is established according to the theme of the wedding or according to important aspects for the bride and groom - symbols that link them to a certain place, for example. A list of the most important wedding cakes also includes the following:

• flower cakes (botanical) - a cake that is inspired by cherry blossoms, peonies, roses or another favorite flower. The cakes decorated with flowers are very elegant and are frequent understandings of the bride and groom

• white cakes - inspire refinement and elegance. Such a cake can be highlighted by glazing with three-dimensional elements

• cakes in metallic shades - although white cakes dominate the bride and groom's choices, those with gold or silver details have a special, sophisticated and precious look

• draped cakes - amazing in appearance, the decor mimics fine materials such as lace

Wedding cake

Put a bowl of water on the fire, put the egg whites in another bowl that will be put in the steam bath. Beat the egg whites a little to remove them, add a pinch of salt and place them on the bowl with already hot water. Beat with a mixer, add sugar. When all the sugar is melted (take 2 of the cream a little with your fingers, rub a little between your fingers, if you don't feel any granules then it's ok, if you feel you have to beat the egg whites a little on the steam).

Remove from the heat, place in another larger bowl and continue beating until the cream becomes hard and sticky.

Change the purpose of the machine with the paddle and switch to beating the egg whites again, this time introducing a piece of butter. Before we start to introduce the butter, we must check that the bottom of the bowl is not hot at all. Continue beating throughout the introduction of the butter. At the end we will have a cream with a rough appearance, but if we beat for a few more seconds it will change into a silky and shiny cream.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding cake knocked on a door in Buckingham Palace. Queen Elizabeth's frothy retort

Prince William and Kate Middleton were married in 2011, and the wedding was the event of the year. Everything was superlative, worthy of a royal ceremony with due prestige. However, this bothered the employees, as it was demolished in Buckingham Palace. Prince William's wedding cake knocked on a door in the Palace, and the queen commented.

Fiona Cairns led the team behind the royal couple's wedding cake in 2011. It appeared in the new ITV documentary "The Day Will and Kate Got Married" to discuss the difficulties behind the scenes to take the eight-step fruit cake and very high in the place of reception & # 8211 which was fixed the royal residence of Queen Elizabeth of London.

What a Blush Wedding Cake Means

First of all, it is a work of culinary art meant to pamper parents, siblings, relatives, friends and all the other guests. They deserve this pampering, this luxury, because they have chosen to be with you, dear bride and groom, in this beautiful moment. It is, without a doubt, your most romantic day!
Everyone's pure feelings and good thoughts are directed to you. Our cake reflects all this: White is the purity of your love. Light blue and pink is the wish for the laughter and giggles of boys and girls to fill your home. The geometric figures at the base of the cake are the durable beams of stone houses that we all want. And gold, the color of these beams is the wish of abundance! Only Happiness and Happy Birthday!

Wedding cake ordered Banket Hall from 100 to 250 lei per kg

  • Decorated with fabric bows or natural flowers
  • With the best roses, the work of jewelry made by our masters
  • Round, square
  • One level, two levels, three levels.

One of these, or any other cake on your sketch, our confectioners will prepare in accordance with international quality standards, this cake will decorate the holiday, and will remain in the memory of the guests for a long time.

Apart from the variety of shapes, colors and decoration options, the confectioners of the Banket Hall restaurant offer different toppings. ORDER wedding cakes in Moldova from our masters - it ensures triumph, a really sweet mood, you can surprise guests by the magnificent beauty of the pastry creation and get colorful photos of one of the most interesting moments of the wedding.

Wedding hall in Chisinau Banket Hall & # 8211 the best choice!

Wedding cakes

To ensure that it is as you wished, in Armand Confectionery, each order for the wedding cake and candy bar, has a special treatment consisting of free consulting and tasting with our cake designer who will help you you choose the perfect taste for your guests, the theme and the details of the cake that will tell your love story.

The wedding cake must not only be spectacular, but also tasty and refined, and for decorations you can be inspired by the catalog with the entire collection of models provided by Armand Confectionery, all to create a unique, elegant and special cake.

The theme can be one of your common passions or even an important detail of your life together, and the sweet decorations on the cake can be the accessories on the wedding dress (lace, precious stones or embroidery), or can be inspired by the bride's bouquet. or floral arrangements.

At the meeting with the cake designer, Armand Confectionery, you will be able to taste the available cake assortments for free and you will view the entire catalog of models for wedding cakes. Besides all this, you will be advised about the optimal quantity, the right theme and the perfect color palette for a fairytale cake.

We guarantee that we use only the best quality ingredients, brought from Belgium, France or from certified Romanian manufacturers and we are against preservatives and additives.

If you are not convinced, we are waiting for you with great pleasure to cross our threshold and to be attracted by the special aromas of the cakes that we prepare very carefully every day.

Sugar or iron wedding. Anniversary 6 years of marriage:

Sweet as sugar and hard as iron is said to be life together for the sixth anniversary.

Sugar or iron wedding anniversary gifts: a cake with (or without) six candles or a home-made burnt sugar cream, an adult bicycle or scooter, jewelry and / or a metal box. Less inspired are the gifts for household use: pans, iron, tool kit. And of maximum inspiration is… a trip to Paris, having as main tourist objective the Eiffel Tower.

12 models of funny wedding cakes

Wedding cakes with funny figurines are starting to be more and more popular at such events. They can be chosen either according to the bride and groom's personality or according to their hobbies, it is certain that the moment when they will be taken out in front of the guests will be an extremely happy one. See 12 models of wedding cakes from which you can be inspired for your event!

The figurines in which the groom tries in vain to escape the marriage occupy an important place in the top of the funniest wedding cakes. Whether he is caught with a fishing rod or pulled over his shoulders, the groom has no escape.

The funny "war" between the groom and the bride does not end here. The more daring people can choose torture models in which the figurines fight in all kinds of poses meant to arouse the laughter of those present.

Are you a brave couple who are not afraid of criticism? Then opt for a cake in which the figurines kiss with passion or compete with the famous characters Ms. & amp Mrs. Smith.

What does a groom do who loses his bride? He waits a little longer for her to return from shopping, looks for her through the top of the cake or "finds" another.

Usually, a wedding cake has the bride and groom in the foreground, but a funny model who will have some figurines with some of the guests, such as close friends or family, will arouse curiosity and make everyone laugh.

Which of these funny wedding cakes do you like the most?

A dessert more expensive than jewelry. How much do Romanians pay for the wedding cake

A market of several thousand cakes a year is hotly contested by dozens of skilled confectioners and decorators. Success is guaranteed for those who have inspiration, go out of style and come one step ahead, imposing outside trends.

The story of a wedding begins with the first dance in two and ends with the cake, cut hand in hand by the happy couple. A cake that is required to be perfect, spectacular and unique, to be in tune with the decor, location, wedding theme and colors, to tell their story and represent them. Although we are talking about a cake, this perfect dessert sometimes raises more questions and doubts than the white dress.

The search for the perfect cake begins even a year before, with an idea often fixed on the internet, and is modeled with great tact and patience by those who know how to do it: cake decorators and confectioners.

Read more about Romanians' preferences in terms of wedding cakes, about what they "wear" this year, what future trends look like and how much Romanians pay for the dessert at the end of the evening on stirileprotv.ro.

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