Code sheet coolers

Code sheet coolers

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Peel the carrot and cut it in half, as well as the parsnip. We clean the onion and wash it. We thaw the fish fillet and wash it.

In a pot, boil the amount of water together with the vegetables. When the latter are cooked for about three quarters, add the pieces of fish and let it boil until the fish is penetrated. It doesn't take very long to boil. When it is ready, we take out the vegetables in one bowl and the fish in another.

Let the juice cool a bit, then take a polish in a bowl and mix with gelatin. After the gelatin has dissolved well, put it in all the juice and mix well. Season with salt and pepper to taste. We clean the garlic, grind it and let it go in the pot. Spin with a wooden spoon and leave for about 10 minutes to taste like garlic.

In some bowls we place slices of carrot and pieces of fish. We put in each one the juice, which we pass through a sieve so as not to find pieces of garlic in the plates. Wash the sprigs of parsley and place them on top of each one. Let them cool until the 2nd day, when we can serve them.

Enjoy your meal..

Aaaa and a suggestion that I also found out after: for an extra taste, you can put a piece of smoked fish in each plate ....


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