Duck soup with semolina dumplings

Duck soup with semolina dumplings

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Put the meat to boil in water with a little salt.

Remove the foam that forms along the way and let the meat boil for about 30 minutes, or until it starts to penetrate.

We clean the vegetables, chop them into cubes and add them to the soup, after the 30 minutes of cooking.

Let the soup simmer over medium heat, covering the pot with a lid.

Because the duck had a lot of fat, I separated it from it during cooking, taking it with a spoon over the soup.

It will be very good for other dishes.

To prepare the semolina dumplings, break the eggs in a bowl and beat them well with a fork, sprinkled with salt and a pinch of pepper.

Add a tablespoon of duck fat, cooled and incorporate the semolina, spoon by spoon.

The composition should not be hard, but not too soft.

Anyway, we'll test the first dumpling to see if it still needs semolina.

Let the dumpling composition rest for 10 minutes.

Take a teaspoon of the composition and immerse it in the soup.

We are waiting for it to rise to the surface.

If it rose exactly as I submerged it, without scattering, it means that the composition is good.

Form the rest of the dumplings and let them boil until they rise to the surface.

Then add the finely chopped celery leaves.

Leave the soup on the fire for about 10 minutes, during which time we match the taste with salt and pepper.

After extinguishing the fire, add the finely chopped green parsley.

This duck soup with semolina dumplings is very tasty and filling!

The duck meat has a sweet taste, and the soup can be sour while serving with a little lemon juice.

We prefer this sweet one, we don't spoil its taste.

Soup with duck meat and semolina dumplings

Duck string is portioned, washed and simmered for 30 minutes in about 2.5 liters of water with a little salt in a pressure cooker. After this time, allow the pot to depressurize for about 20 minutes, then open the pot and transfer the soup to a normal pot. Add the carrot (peeled, washed and chopped), onion (peeled and washed), celery (peeled and washed) and bell pepper (peeled and seeded and washed).

While the vegetables are boiling, prepare the dumplings: mix the eggs with a pinch of salt and lard. Gradually add the semolina, then let the mixture rest for 10 minutes.

The amount of semolina used depends on the size of the eggs. The dumplings should be neither too soft nor too strong.

After the vegetables are cooked, remove them and leave only the carrots. Add more water if necessary. Form the dumplings, taking half a teaspoon of the composition with eggs and semolina, and put them one by one in boiling water. Bring to the boil, then add the tomatoes. Boil the soup for about 5 minutes, remove from the heat, season with salt and add the green parsley (washed and chopped).

Homemade Noodle Soup on Veal | Country-like soup made by Grandma Grandma's recipes

Veal noodle soup is very good. Our grandmother thought of doing something else like her grandmother did when she was little. Once again she remembers her grandmother's food and makes them with great pleasure. We each have grandparents and once in a while you remember them, so does our grandmother who makes her Grandma's Recipes. ❤️Thank you for watching our video❤️. And don't forget to subscribe to our channel and share the videos with our Grandmother to support the channel. "Thank you!" # # Supădecasăcutăiţei #supadecasadelabunica supăcutaiţeidecasă #supapevitel supătărănească #supadevitel # tăiţeidecasă # # # retetelebunicuţei reţetedelabunica reţetedinardeal # # # supătăranească reţetelebunici teretelebunicuţeinoastre # # # supadetăiţeipevacă supăfainădevacuţă supăfainădetăiţeidecasă # # # supăoriginalăcutăiţei supăoriginalădelabunica supăoriginala # # # supăoriginaladevacuta #supaoriginalapevitel supăoriginalădelaţară #supaoriginalacutaiteipevitel #bunicutanoastra #retetelebunicilornostri #retetelebunicuteinoastre

Видео Beef Noodle Soup | Country-like soup made by Grandma Recipes from Grandma Channel Recipes and New by Us

Gray dumplings like grandma's

How to prepare dumplings with plums - the recipe for plum dumplings like grandma's First I boiled the peeled potatoes in a large pot with lightly salted water. After they boiled (I tested them with a fork) I drained them of hot water and left them to cool for 10 minutes. I made the recipe for dumplings, exactly as indicated in the video. They came out a little too fluffy and were scattered in the pot, the top only a few, not all. I think I needed another tablespoon of semolina, or shouldn't I have boiled them for another 3 minutes or less? Next time I add another tablespoon of semolina and try to boil them less, maybe that's how they will come out. If you want the dumplings to come out perfectly, you must take into account the following tips: 1. As soon as you have finished cooking the dumplings, put them to boil in a pot of boiling water. 2. Do not rush to boil the whole composition. For starters, put a single teaspoon to see if they still need semolina or have too much dumplings fluffy with tips of to grandmother . 22 Aug 2006 00:00. Dumplings of semolina they do not unravel to boil if you put a little flour in the water in which it boils. Passion is to kind of big that to started or did the routine get a little over your relationship? Take the test and find out if it's time to look for another partner d ..

Plum dumplings recipe for plum dumplings like grandma

Add the peas to the soup, put the lid back on and simmer for 10 minutes. Straighten the salt soup. Turn the heat to low so that the soup does not boil. Heat a tablespoon in hot soup. Take dumpling dough (less than half a tablespoon) dip the spoon in the soup and let go of the dumpling Step-by-step video tutorial that teaches you how to make fluffy semolina dumplings with no margin for error. Fluffy dumplings without baking soda, baking powder or other loosens. How to make 100% successful fluffy semolina dumplings. Sunday is our day of soup and we rarely deviate from this rule. So, you can easily get fluffy semolina dumplings, without adding baking soda, baking powder or other additives. A few little tricks and we'll get the best soup dumplings. Photo source - 123rf.com. Here's how to make the best chicken soup with dumplings. Try the following recipes: Chicken soup with vegetables The beginning of autumn dessert, this is it! Let's make plum dumplings according to grandma's recipe! 1. Let's start the recipe for plum dumplings! Boil the potatoes in salted water for 30 minutes. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice

Fluffy gray dumplings (simple recipe) - Gina Brade

  1. In Oradea, my mother used to make, in addition to the classic round dumplings, a kind of cylindrical dumplings of approximately 1.5 cm in diameter and 3-4 cm long, given in breadcrumbs like the other dumplings. They are without filling and have a taste. apart. See you soon
  2. Although I have had this recipe from my grandmother for decades, it was only this fall that I made it for the first time. But so far 4 times. I posed before, but I didn't get to post. I thought that now is not the season, but today I found plums and took them. So I thought I'd share this potato-free dumpling recipe with you
  3. Fluffy semolina dumplings soup: a classic, old, written and video recipe, chicken soup with soft and fluffy dumplings. Recipe 1-2-3. How to make dumplings

For many years, I have been craving this recipe (in recent years, I only ate these dumplings with my mother and grandmother) because it was one of my favorite childhood desserts in the last week, I prepared them twice: they are so good that they don't you can refrain from eating. Indeed, the dough is a little sticky, but I managed with it Re: Chicken soup with semolina dumplings. My grandmother made dumplings by beating the egg white with a little salt. Then add the yolk, stirring lightly and finally, in the rain, the semolina. I never knew the quantities, because my grandmother, probably all our grandmothers, felt this detail in her hand. That's how I try to make them too. The children grow up with dumpling soup like grandma does! That's what the baby told me when he walked in the door after his week-long vacation with his grandparents. He put himself under the door frame, held out his pencil and waited for me to measure it, to see that he had grown another centimeter. He grew up, that's right. Find out here what is the famous dumpling soup like Grandma's. A simple, quick and extremely tasty soup. Soup with semolina dumplings This is a delicious and light soup that is prepared very quickly, we just have to wait for the meat to boil. It is prepared from chicken or chicken. Of all the methods of preparation, I decided to stop at this STEAM SOUP like at MOTHER'S HOME: the simplest recipe, which will not exceed even those with two left hands! Wednesday, 08 March 2017, 11:23 Updated Tuesday, 02 April 2019, 07:51 Evele in your life deserves to be pampered more than ever

dumpling soup why do you cook semolina dumplings recipe. Read also: Scovergi like at grandma's house. The original recipe. Find out what the secret ingredient is! Dumpling soup. The recipe for tender donuts with shit is really delicious. It is an old recipe from my grandmother, which I kept with great care. When I feel like something good and sweet I always make these wonderful croissants with shit or plum magic come out just as good. Ingredient. 3 cups flour 3/4 cup warm milk 25 g fresh yeast Also for extra flavor, my grandmother add in the soup of dumplings back and wings of chicken. In the city, I don't really have a place to get chicken, so I make turkey-wing soup. And when I don't have bird fat, I add a little sunflower or rapeseed oil (about 2 tablespoons oil to 1 liter of soup)

How to prepare the fluffiest dumplings! Grandma's secret

  • Since Alex was a small child, his mother made him plum dumplings. When he was 10 years old, Alex ate 10-15 dumplings like Haplea and he got sick. Since then, until 5-6 years ago, he could no longer eat dumplings with plums and he only got sick when he saw them.
  • Soup with semolina dumplings. Dumplings: 1 tablespoon butter or lard, 1 egg, 4 tablespoons semolina, salt. Rub the egg with a tablespoon of grated butter or lard until
  • united. In Sanda Marin's book I found a more elaborate recipe, with raisins and orange peel, I prefer it so simple, I would not change anything about it. This girl's recipe is my mother's recipe
  • Yes, my mother also told me that on fasting days her grandmother made dumplings out of dough without eggs, only water and flour, but that those were a little more pasty, but just as good. It is clear that there were several rods circulating, even your grandmother and aunt made them differently, also, my mother instructed me to break with my fingers the small pieces of dough, my husband tells me that.
  • Plum dumplings - grandma's recipe. galuste gris Autumn has come and we are in the middle of the plum season. Take this opportunity to return to your childhood, when you enjoyed the plum dumplings prepared by your grandparents.
  • After the egg whites have been beaten, add the yolk and beat the oil 4-5 times, to mix a little, then add all the semolina. Mix the composition lightly by inverting, so as not to leave the egg white, until the semolina is incorporated. The dumplings are taken only from the edge of the composition
  • My grandmother made us the best Slovak dumplings, I can say that she was an expert, the dumplings made by my grandmother were always big and fluffy. In grandma's time there was no electronic scale and no special pan or pan for dumplings, the base for the dough was as simple as possible, two cups of warm water, the rest of the ingredients.

Fluffy dumplings with advice from grandma - Gastronomy - They

  • Even on days when you refrain from sweet foods, you can taste a delicious soup with semolina dumplings, according to the fasting recipe. What you need for dumpling soup, fasting recipe. 1 onion. 1 bell pepper. 2 carrots. 1 parsnip. 2-3 tomatoes. 1 bunch parsley. 1 pinch of salt. For dumplings. 3 tablespoons semolina. 3.
  • Girls, so that the dumplings are not strong, 2 things influence them, the amount of semolina and the time they are put in the soup. If the time is long, whatever the amount of semolina, the dumplings will be strong, and the soup must boil, but not boiling, easy
  • Maybe a little extra semolina should have been, they didn't disintegrate but the lightness is very, very fluffy. ok, dumpling soup is my favorite and i was really upset i can't get it: * meg september 15, 2011 Reply

Pea soup with dumplings - e-Recipes

  • Although chicken soup with semolina dumplings and chicken soup with homemade noodles are two recipes that I always prepare, I realized that I only put noodle soup on the site. So today it's the turn of the soup with dumplings. Many people avoid to prepare it because of the dumplings that sometimes do not come out fluffy but remain strong in the middle
  • This is how my mother and grandmother prepare semolina dumplings for years and I have never had any surprises. In the recipe below you also have the option of how to straighten the dumplings if they remain strong, a secret ic learned from the most experienced. Ingredients Dumplings: 1 egg 6 tablespoons semolina 1/2 teaspoon salt a little ground pepper (optional
  • Fluffy dumplings with advice from grandma. 22 Aug 2006 00:00. The used spoon is heated in the soup, before using it so that the respective composition does not stick to it.
  • Through the cookbooks there are all kinds of ideas: to make the dough softer, to put them immediately in the soup, to try one at a time and if it crumbles, add more semolina. For an egg, no more than a tablespoon of semolina, whipped egg whites, my grandmother put 2 tablespoons of lard. Grumpy pork dumplings came out. They never came out like the world. Up to a.
  • Subject: Fluffy dumplings with advice from grandma Sun Jan 19, 2014 3:37 am Grandma will help us this time to get rid of the classic fear of dumplings in soup. Because the vast majority of us wonder anxiously every time we make a dumpling soup: will it turn out good?

Preparation Chicken soup with semolina dumplings: We clean the vegetables and boil them in 3 l of water together with the chicken breast and bones (from grandma), salt, peppercorns and bay leaves. Simmer for 2 hours or until chicken is cooked through The dumplings are very good looking! I don't put oil in dumplings, but today I tried and they turned out very good. I beat the egg whites separately, then the yolks, then I mix them, and then I put the semolina. My mother told me that I would need a tablespoon of semolina for an egg, but it doesn't always work out perfectly.

3. Continue the process until you have formed all the dumplings and let them boil over high heat for a few seconds. 4. To get the fluffiest semolina dumplings, as soon as they boil, after pouring a cup of water as cold as possible, spread over all the dumplings, then add the parsley and turn off the heat. Beef or poultry soup. Dumplings: 2 eggs, 1/2 teaspoon butter (missing, lard), 5-6 tablespoons semolina, salt. Froth the butter with the eggs. Add the semolina little by little (rain), stirring constantly with a spoon. A paste is obtained which must have the consistency of a thick cream. Add salt. After [Soup of fluffy semolina dumplings, a clear and tasty soup, soft, fluffy dumplings, made simple, without baking powder, according to an old recipe, called 1-2-3. Reus .. Dumpling soup. Delicious recipe like at home. Grandma's dumpling soup is unforgettable. It tasted delicious, and the dumplings were fluffy and full of flavor. From the article a1.ro, discover the grandparents' recipe too. Gradually add a tablespoon of semolina and mix the composition until the semolina is incorporated. Then add the baking powder. With the help of a spoon soaked in soup you can start to take the pieces of composition, which you put easily to boil in hot water. The water should not boil when you put the dumplings in it

Fluffy semolina dumplings for soup - video recipe Laura

  • Because we were craving a tomato soup with semolina dumplings, yesterday we bought the necessary ingredients and today we cooked it. There are several variants of tomato soup, but I make this recipe most often, and therefore I will explain it step by step in the following. 1. Tomato soup with semolina dumplings
  • From about 8 years old, my grandmother taught me how to make the fluffiest semolina dumplings. I never fail if I follow her advice. Click on the picture and read all the tips with weighed ingredients
  • Posted by Postolache Violeta on February 18, 2015 in dumplings dumplings semolina recipes simple soup with dumplings | Comments: 6 Because when I posted on the facebook page of the blog the soup with dumplings, many of you told me that you will always get strong dumplings, I decided to make a separate post detailing the process of preparing dumplings.

400-500 g of plums (depending on how many dumplings come out) 1 sachet of vanilla sugar 150 g of cinnamon breadcrumbs (optional) 50 g of caster sugar 1 pinch of salt. Method of preparing potato dumplings without potatoes: Boil 500 ml of water, in which you added a pinch of salt and 5 times 6 tablespoons of oil. When the liquid boils. Then use it as an addition to various sauces and foods. If you have time, do it because it's worth it. We return to this recipe: in this soup we stop in a saucepan 300 ml or 300 g. We put the rest back in the pot. I still have about 1200 ml of liquid left here and I will fill up to 2 liters with water. We take the pan with 300 ml. Ingredients dumplings - 4 liter pot of soup. 3 eggs 1/2 cup semolina 1 tablespoon oil 1 pinch salt Chicken soup recipe with dumplings. Put eggs, oil and salt in a bowl. Beat continuously, gradually adding the semolina, taking care to homogenize the composition. Then leave for 2-3 minutes, so that the semolina absorbs all the liquid. Maria Popa feb. 11, 2020. is a delicious and fragrant dessert. Based on semolina with milk and eggs, the pudding is easy to prepare and ..

Semolina dumplings - Recipe and tricks for semolina dumplings

Boil them over low heat but with the lid on. The secret of preparing the fluffiest dumplings for chicken soup is that the composition you prepare is not very different and the dumplings come out strong. Quantity is important! So if you want to get fluffy dumplings, perfect for soup, be very careful how much chicken you put. I put in an egg 3 tbsp. The other day I was thinking about old food that my grandmother used to make for us when she lived with us, in my childhood, and whose taste I can barely remember and I started asking my mother about recipes. I took something out of it - maybe I take it out of you too. And to start: FRIED GRIS about 3-4 handfuls of semolina 3-4 tablespoons of salt oil (optional. I don't think it's necessary to tell you that grandma also makes the best tomato juice in the world. For the tomato juice, I used a blender, then I passed everything through a sieve to remove the peels and the signs. 9 years in which I cooked her recipes on the blog, after 9 years in which YOU tried and loved her recipes, BUNI SIA cooks with me today! For m .. Soup with noodles or semolina dumplings? I lean towards dumplings , another taste, a different flavor (my opinion!). Unlike noodles, if we don't make them at home, we certainly won't find two assortments with the same flavor, instead of dumplings we have control, every time I pamper myself with the same taste, without surprises, not that I don't like surprises

Because I brought plums from Romania home, I had a craving for plum dumplings. I don't do it too often, it seems like a lot of work, but at least once a year, I still do it. And these plums being big, I work less :) When I was little, my grandmother received a recipe from a Hungarian neighbor Like at grandma's house When you come to grandma's, leave your worries at the door, but take your family or friends with you. Here you will find traditional Banat and Romanian food, but also dishes invented by us. I have a large spoon with which I measure semolina in dumplings and I get about 8 or 9 tablespoons more full of semolina with 2 eggs. if the spoon you are measuring with is large, it is normal for bullets to come out instead of dumplings. Try to spread it with a wet spoon, you will see that it spreads very easily. Then put the plum filling, the other half of the semolina dough and the breadcrumbs on top. Put the tray in the cold for about 4 hours until it cools and the dough will harden well. Cut into slices and serve

A famous artist from our country, intubated in Intensive Care due to COVID-19: The virus of death. Shocking scenes today with Margherita from Clejani in broad daylight. : OA beat two women, unbelievable what happened when the police arrived on the spot Chicken soup with semolina dumplings is in high demand in my family, that's because it always comes bundled with beef salad with chicken .That's exactly what happens with homemade chicken noodle soup. The recipe for chicken soup with semolina dumplings that I present to you today is a Transylvanian recipe with a guaranteed result Juan Gris, celebrated by Google 125 years after his birth. gris Juan Gris, a Spanish painter considered one of the most important representatives of Cubism, is celebrated today by Google 125 years after his birth with a special logo Chicken soup with tomatoes and dumplings, like at his grandmother's house. Chicken soup with dumplings. 5 hot soups for cold winter days (P) Dumplings stuffed with cheese - a delicious recipe! Mushrooms with semolina dumplings 27.01.2010 / Recipes. Mushroom dumplings can be served hot as a main course. He sits down ... I grew up in the country with a yard full of oratanii: chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys, and my mother has been preparing a bird for the delicious Sunday soup since Saturday night. Nothing compares to the duck soup my mother used to put, semolina dumplings, noodles, tascute or garteni

Plum dumplings - the recipe for childhood dessert

Gradually I became friends with chicken soup, and in recent years, I think I do it at least once a month. Although I love chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles or semolina dumplings, today I suggest you try it with some semolina balls, wonderfully tasty and crunchy. They can be served with any soup, especially with cream soups go great Apr 30, 2017 - Fluffy semolina dumplings the simplest recipe. How to make fluffy dumplings for chicken or beef soup? Recipe for dumpling soup from the

The taste of childhood with greasy chicken soup and dumplings made by grandma. awww, I write and it rains in my mouth. I'm going to swallow 2-3 more fluffy dumplings - I can't write with so much torrential rain - I'm coming back. Ok, back to the show. In the case of dumplings, it is not the soup itself that causes problems, but the dumplings. That is why we will talk in this post about the fluffy honors. Until I did the cooking class, I ran away. About the ingredients, dumplings on Garbo. Articles about semolina, cooking, recipes, salt, recipe, soup, potatoes, chicken, breadcrumbs and dessert. Corn dumplings with sage I make dumplings like this: I put 9 teaspoons of semolina in 1 egg, usually I make dumplings out of 2 eggs in a soup and I leave it for 2-3 minutes, the puffed dumplings come out very fluffy, the 9 semolina dumplings are for egg of medium size if the egg is very large, add 1 teaspoon of semolina Black sweet to try to make me for a very short time. The recipe for roasted plum dumplings is a dessert prepared less and less because only mother and grandmother know the secret of their preparation. In Maramures, plum dumplings are known as plum dumplings. This is a traditional dessert and the people of Maramures are proud of this representative dish of. The goulash recipe is a combination of a soup and a stew, so in some restaurants you may find it in the category of soups on the menu. Goulash can also be served as a main course, especially if you add to the recipe potatoes or flour dumplings, a kind of pasta, called csipetke in Hungary. Ingredients (for 6 people)

So, here's the secret to fluffy, well-bred dumplings. You can make them from an egg or two (today I used 6 small quail eggs), to which you add some salt and, be careful: a tablespoon, maybe even two, of sunflower oil. L. beat them all well and only then you start to incorporate the semolina, in the rain, mixing it with a fork. The pregnancy tests that are done at home are very fast and easy. One of the first signs that should send you to the pharmacy after a pregnancy test is that it has delayed your period. But what happens when Grandma is rebellious and doesn't fit the classic pattern? What kind of grandmother do you think you will be? The secret of some fluffy dumplings is semolina. Use a quality semolina, with a larger granulation. If you use a very fine semolina, the dumplings will harden, like flour ones. Ingredients: 1 egg of 60gr, weighed whole, with peel, 60gr semolina, a pinch of salt Preparation Back to menu. Chicken soup with semolina dumplings. Friday, Week 3 Time of preparation. 30 minutes. Difficulty. Average. Ingredient. 2 potatoes. 1 large carrot. 1 large onion. 2 tablespoons oil. 1 or. 4 tablespoons semolina. 1 varf of teaspoon baking soda of sodium. salt. pepper. greenery. Mode of preparation. Cut the carrots, onions and potatoes and place them to boiled in salted water and pepper. When the vegetables are almost cooked, prepare.

Grilled with fried milk - grandma's recipe. Roasted gray served with sour jam or powdered with cinnamon sugar. Granny croquettes with grandmother's milk. A simple, quick and cheap recipe. Click on the picture for the recipe. With a spoon we take from the resulting composition, we put it in the floured palm (so that it does not stick to our hands), then in the middle we put the plum - open and with a little caster sugar over it (or half an apricot), we form a lump, which we give a round shape ... and we do this until the whole amount of dough is finished. 4 Do not put a lot of semolina from the beginning and do not prepare the dumpling dough long before putting them in the soup. With a teaspoon I put the dough in the soup, I turned the heat a little lower, I let them boil and fluff for about 10-12 minutes. I don't know if I've ever eaten soup better than this, I like to add them and a little lemon salt, gives it a superb note! I know the recipe from my grandmother who is an expert in traditional dishes, I live with emotion the thought that over the years, part of our family will relive through food, feelings and images, what else would have long been forgotten. This soup lasts in our family, maybe not.

Piri Piri e Canela (Chef de cuisine), March 5, 2010 to be honest I haven't eaten dumplings for 9 years! recipe! Congratulations. And since I had some poultry meat in the freezer, a chicken soup with dumplings seemed like a very good idea. You can also make this soup with commercial chicken, but the best soup is necessarily made from naturally grown meat, possibly in the country Galuste with plums like at grandma's house! That's exactly how they came out! I got the recipe from my mother and she made it for me very often when I was little. They are delicious! With creamy dough made of boiled potatoes, with a ripe and flavored plum with cinnamon inside and a crunchy layer of sweet breadcrumbs on top. For dumplings: 2 eggs semolina salt Preparation. I boiled the chicken breast and I took the foam when it no longer foams, I put salt, pepper and bay leaves, but also the whole vegetables after they all boiled, I cut the meat into cubes, and I got some of the vegetables I passed and I leave them to boil while I prepare the composition for dumplings. I saw on many girls on blogs this recipe prepared with semolina dumplings, but I learned from my grandmother the recipe with flour dumplings, I really like it that way, and it seems that not only me, I had even seen her at the Maniac Chef on the site. Anyway, for those who would like the soup to be fasting, I recommend you replace the dumplings with rice or pasta.

Plum dumplings (Gomboti) - Traditional recipe Laura

Ever since I was little, I loved dumpling soup, because of the dumplings I called sheep because of their fluffy appearance. I make this soup with pleasure, because I like it to children and I associate it with a healthy and very tasty food. Here's what you need to prepare it: 4 thighs of [Golden mornings with sun in the locks, prostrate knees, dusty apples and a lot of smile and inevitably, somewhere on a chair under the vine, grandma working on something. This was the vivid image awakened by this wonderful but simply sweet, although it did not take root from my own childhood memories.

For the soup with semolina dumplings, the eggs are washed under a stream of cold water. Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Parsley is cleaned, washed and finely chopped. Add the prunes, washed, bring to a boil, then cover and leave for 3-4 hours to soften. If they have pips, clean them and let them drain in a strainer. For semolina dumplings: 110 g semolina 3 eggs (130-150 g) PREPARATION: Peel the chicken, wash it well, then boil it. Let it boil for a few minutes and take the foam several times. Season with salt and pepper, clean the vegetables and add them. When the meat and vegetables are cooked, take the soup off the heat and strain it. Prepare Poultry soup Put the well-washed poultry on the fire, together with cold water, and leave the pot to boil uncovered until the foam rises. Foam often with a spoon with holes until no more foam is formed. Add the vegetables (carrot, parsley, celery, bell pepper, onion) and a little salt

Plum dumplings (without potatoes) - User recipes

Important to respect when making dumplings is the fact that the semolina must be mixed very easily with the egg white foam. And put the dumplings with a spoon. in becoming, in soup. In the original recipe, leave the meat in the soup. but I can't stand big pieces of meat in soup or broth. so I took out the chicken hammers and solved the type 2 Tasty summer juice, which I would frame, according to tradition and chemistry, in soups rather than soups, tomato soup is a kind of health reserve . You return to it, somewhat nostalgically, as to a primary love, after you have gone through various menus and sniffed, you have concluded philosophically that: protein does not bring. De obicei ar trebui pus cca 7-8 linguri de gris la cele 2 oua, dar eu, din experienta, pun grisul din ochi si am grija ca, compozitia sa nu fie vartoasa, ci moale, iar dupa cele 4-5 minute de asteptare sa fie nu prea vartoasa pentru ca altfel ies tari galustile. Se pun in supa clocotita, pe rand, cu o lingurita si se lasa sa dea din nou in fiert Reteta culinara Galuste de cartofi din categoria Dulciuri diverse. acorda-ti cateva minute si aranjeaza-ti parul ca la salon cu produsele de ingrijire personala de la BaByliss. Aceasta reteta este desertul copilariei mele pe care mi-l facea bunica in timp de iarna. Daca ti-a placut reteta noastra Galuste de cartofi nu uita sa-i faci.

Supa de galuste pufoase din gris - Retete cu Gina Brade

Iubesc supa cu dumplings, imi aduce aminte of acasa si ori of cate ori am ocazia, fac o supa cu dumplings, asa cum face mama. Nu folosesc pulpe of pui,cand cumpar pui, ii portionez si carcasele le pastrez numai pentru supe, pulpele pentru mancare sau pentru gratar, pieptul pentru diferite mancaruri, salate, etc. Spalam bine carcasa of pui si o punem to fiert, intr-o oala cu aproximativ 3 L of apa Stiati ca supa are o traditie de peste 5000 de ani si se prepara la inceputuri ca o fiertura din mazare, linte si fasole, toate combinate pentru a asigura o masa rapida si satioasa. De atunci, supa a evoluat, ca un fel de mancare favorit, care se prepara simplu si.. Mod preparare supa cu galuste de gris: Se pune la foc mic, intr-o oala, o bucata de os. Pentru ca supa sa fie mai gustoasa, se pune cu apa rece la foc. Cand incepe sa dea in clocote, se ia spuma si se toarna o lingura de apa rece. Aceasta face sa se mai ridice un rand de spuma la suprafata, care este din nou luata cu lingura *gris cat cuprind ouale (cantitatea difera de la un tip de gris la altul, si in functie de marimea oualor consistenta la care trebuie sa ajungeti este ca o mamaliga moale la trei oua medii intra aproximativ 170-180 gr gris) cel mai bun gris pentru galuste este cel mai mare, nu foarte fin

Este o supa dulce, cu galuste de casa, clasica, doar ca este mult degresata fata de cum o mancam la bunica. INGREDIENTE: - 750 gr antricot de vita cu os - 3 morcovi - o ceapa mare - 2 ardei grasi - un pastarnac - o radacina de telina - 2 oua - gris de grau, cat cuprinde - o legatura de patrunjel verde - 1 tulpina de telina. eheee, asta-i alivinca noastra, numai ca nu mai e cea stramoseasca, a devenit domneasca si a capatat forma de chec si arome mai de oras, o fac si eu destul de des cu mici diferente in reteta, niscaiva unt si un pic de smantana in loc de iaurt, originalul era cu chisleag (lapte crud pus la prins in ol de lut) buna rau :) merge si cu alte. carne de rata ciorba de rata ciorba de rata cu galuste ciorba din carne de rata cu galuste de gris galuste de gris retete ciorbe. Ostropel de pui cu mămăliguță ca la mama acasă 14 noiembrie 2016. 2. așa cum le-am învățat de la bunica și mama mea

Galuste de gris – Trucuri si sfaturi pentru supa perfecta

Initial te pot descuraja dar sa faci galuste de gris este mai simplu decat pare! Iti punem la dispozitie o serie de trucuri si sfaturi si te ghidam pas cu pas pentru a obtine galuste pufoase de fiecare data.

Ingrediente pentru galuste de gris

La patru litri de supa de pui / vita ai nevoie de:

  • 2 eggs
  • 2 linguri de ulei vegetal sau untura de rata / gasca
  • 8 linguri de gris curat (daca ouale sunt mari se mai pot adauga 1-2 linguri)
  • Un varf de cutit de sare

*** Calitatea grisului este foarte importanta pentru a obtine galuste pufoase. Aceasta trebuie sa aiba o granulatie uniforma desi nu este indicat sa fie foarte fin ca faina, caz in care obtii galuste tari ca cele din faina.
*** In functie de cantiatea de supa, poti reduce sau mari cantitatea de ingrediente, pastrand aceleasi proportii.

Incorporarea compozitiei de galuste de gris

Daca vrei sa obtii galuste pufoase de fiecare data, separa albusul de galbenus. Bate albusul spuma tare cu ajutorul mixerului. Bate galbenusul cu putina sare si amesteca-l cu uleiul. Toarna galbenusul peste albus si incorporeaza-l usor, cu ajutorul unei furculite, de jos in sus. Adauga grisul ploaie, putin cate putin, amestecand usor. Pentru a obtine galuste de gris pufoase este necesar sa-l incorporezi treptat, cu miscari lente (ca si cum ai face un chec).

Compozitia obtinuta este destul de moale insa, dupa timpii de odihna, in care care grisul se umfla, devine mai legata.

Lasa compozitia sa se odihneasca

Oricat de mult te-ai grabi sa gusti din aceste galuste de gris delicioase este esential sa le acorzi 10-15 minute sa se odihneasca dupa ce ai incorporat compozitia. ‘Odihna’ permite grisului sa se umfle, sa absoarbe umiditatea din ou si sa lege mai bine compozitia. Daca ti s-a intamplat cel putin odata ca galustele sa se imprastie in oala cand le dai la fiert, ai sarit probabil peste timpii de odihna. Este indicat sa lasi compozitia sa se odihneasca intr-un mediu racoros. Daca este cald in bucatarie, le poti da la frigider. Iti garantam ca vei obtine galuste de gris grozave folosind acest truc.

Modelarea galustelor de gris

Daca ai respectat timpii de odihna, compozitia de galuste de gris si-a schimbat consistenta si este mult mai usor de modelat. Cu toate acestea, nu o singura data ni s-a intamplat sa se desprinda greu de pe lingura. Tocmai de aceea este indicat sa umezesti cu apa lingura folosita pentru modelarea galustelor. Pentru a avea apa la indemana, umple o cana cu apa si introdu lingura in apa ori de cate ori este nevoie. O alta varianta este sa inmoi lingura in supa calda.

Galustele se modeleaza dupa preferinte, mai mari sau mici insa trebuie sa tii cont ca isi modifica volumul (aproape de trei ori).

Fierberea galustelor de gris

Galustele de gris pot fi fierte in apa sau direct in supa de pui. Lesne de inteles ca ultima varianta confera o savoare deosebita galustelor care imprumuta din gustul supei de pui. Singurul neajuns al acestei metode este cazul nefavorabil cand compozitia de galuste se intinde in oala si raman acele faramituri. Poti alege sa le indepartezi cu o spumiera sau sa strecori din nou supa. Avantajul fierberii separate a galustelor in apa este claritatea supei de pui.

Nu trebuie sa torni galustele modelate in apa (supa) clocotita pentru ca risti sa se sparga compozitia inchegata si sa se imprastie in oala. Daca totusi apa (supa) a ajuns la punctul de fierbere si clocoteste, poti alege sa dai focul mic si sa astepti cateva minute sau sa torni putina apa (supa) rece.

*** Daca ai respectat toate instructiunile si totusi observi ca prima galusca se imprastie in apa, indeparteaz-o cu o spumiera si mai adauga putin gris in compozitie.

Pentru a nu se intari si pentru a lua din gustul supei de pui este esential ca galustele de gris sa se fiarba la foc mic. Galustele se fierb timp de aproximativ 12 minute, mai mult sau mai putin in functie de dimensiunea acestora. Optional se pot intoarce o singura data pe partea cealalta dar trebuie sa o faci cu grija sa nu se rupa. Nu este un pas neaparat necesar.

Dupa fierbere, se stinge focul si se pune capacul. Galustele se mai lasa 10 minute sub capac, in abur.

*** Pentru a fi sigura ca sunt bine facute este recomandat sa scoti o galusca, sa o tai pe din doua si sa o incerci.

Galuste pufoase din gris - reteta rapida.

Astazi va prezint cea mai simpla metoda de preparare a galustilor. Fara sa separam albusul de galbenus, fara ulei in compozitie )
Rezultatul: galuste aurii, pufoase si gustoase.

  • 3 litri supa de pasare
  • 2 oua de marime medie
  • 120 g gris(6 linguri)
  • un varf cutit de sare

Am avut o rata de la tara si am fiert-o (partial) inainte de a o pune pe varza. :) Am adaugat la fiert si niste ceapa, morcov si radacina de patrunjel. stiam dinainte ce-o sa fac cu supa in care aceasta va fierbe. supa cu galuste.

Method of preparation:
Spargem ouale intr-un bol si adaugam sarea peste ele. Le batem bine cu furculita sau cu un tel, apoi adaugam in ploaie si in mai multe reprize grisul. Amestecam bine de fiecare data. Lasam compozitia deoparte 10- 15 minute ca sa se umfle grisul.
Dupa acest timp, "taiem" cu lingura din compozitia de galuste si punem in supa fierbinte (nu trebuie sa clocoteasca). Inmuiem lingura in supa de fiecare data cand formam o galusca.
Acoperim partial oala cu capac si lasam sa fiarba 10-15 minute la foc mic pana galustile se umfla. In timpul fierberii le stropim de 2-3 ori cu apa rece(turnam cu o cescuta apa peste ele). Cand supa este gata, presaram patrunjel verde tocat, acoperim din nou oala cu capac, iar dupa 15 minute o putem servi. Bunatate!
Below I have attached some photos from the preparation.
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Aici gasiti retete de SUPE/CIORBE.

Se pune carnea de pui la fiert, iar cand incepe sa fiarba se inlatura spuma.
Legumele se curata, se spala si se taie cuburi mici.
Cartofii se curata, se spala si taie in patru.
Dupa ce am inlaturat spuma de la carne se adauga si legumele tocate, jumatate de lingurita de sare si se lasa sa fiarba 30 minute.
Apoi se adauga si cartofii.
Intre timp preparam galustele de gris astfel: mixati bine 2 albusuri, incorporati apoi galbenusurile si adaugati 7 - 8 linguri cu gris, o lingura cu ulei, amestecand cu lingura de lemn si lasati compozitia deoparte vreo 2 -3 minute.
Cand treceti cu furculita prin amestec, sa ramane urme care sa se 'stearga' rapid.
Dupa 2 - 3 minute (nu lasati mai mult timp ca se intareste compozitia si galustele devin foarte tari), luati vasul de pe foc, umeziti o lingura, luati putin din compozitie si lasati galusca sa pice in supa.
Daca nu se destrama galusca insemna ca aceasta compozitie e legata, altfel mai completati cu putin gris.
Dupa ce le-ati format pe toate, turnati o cana cu apa rece peste ele.
Repuneti vasul pe foc potrivit si lasati-le sa fiarba vreo 10-15 minute, incercand pe la jumatatea timpului sa le intoarceti cu lingura pe cealalta parte.
Potriviti de sare (daca mai e nevoie) si piper.
Patrunjelul si leusteanul spalat se toaca marunt si se adauga peste supa .
Lasam sa dea inca un clocot si supa este gata.

Cu ajutorul functiilor Boil si Off/Keep Warm ale noului Philips Multicooker se poate prepara Supa de pui cu galuste pastrandu-se calda pana in momentul servirii!

Se pune in farfurie si se serveste supa de pui cu galuste cu patrunjel tocat deasupra.

Supă de pui cu găluste

Ingrediente găluste: 2 ouă, 6-7 linguri de gris, 1 lingură ulei, 1 varf de cutit de bicarbonat de sodiu

Vă invităm să urmăriti mai jos reteta noastră video de supa de pui cu galuste:

Method of preparation: Puneti la fiert bucătile de pui cu putină sare. Luati spuma de cate ori este nevoie pana cand carnea este fiartă. Cand carnea este fiartă adăugati legumele intregi curătate. Lăsati la fiert incă 20-30 de minute. Scoateti carnea si legumele si strecurati supa.

Intr-un bol puneti albusurile de la cele 2 ouă si bateti spuma. Incorporati apoi gălbenusurile, uleiul si grisul pus ploaie. La sfarsit adăugati varful de cutit de bicarbonat. Amestecul trebuie sa fie de o consistenta medie dar să nu curgă din lingură.

Intr-o oală puneti apa si lăsati să fiarbă la foc mic. Cu o lingurită umedă formati gălustele si puneti-le in apa care fierbe. Lăsati la fiert aproximativ 30 de minute. Puteti verifica cu o scobitoare dacă sunt gata. Scobitoarea trebuie să intre usor in galuscă dacă este făcută.

In supa strecurată puneti gălustele fierte, dregeti de sare si adăugati pătrunjelul tocat mărunt. Se pot pune si legumele tăiate in bucati mari. Deasemenea se poate adăuga si carnea dupa ce oscoateti de pe oase. Vă dorim poftă bună si spor la gătit reteta de supă cu găluste .

Video: SUPER easy recipe to make Hungarian semolina dumplings for soup! (August 2022).