Pita rolls with crab sticks

Pita rolls with crab sticks

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Ingredients for making pita rolls with crab sticks

  1. pita 1 pc
  2. crab sticks 200 gr
  3. egg 4 pcs
  4. cucumbers 2 pcs
  5. mayonnaise 3 tbsp. l
  6. garlic 4 cloves
  7. greens 1 beam.
  • Main Ingredients Cucumber, Garlic, Eggs, Crab Sticks

Cooking pita rolls with crab sticks:

Grate crab sticks, cucumbers, eggs. To them we add squeezed garlic, finely chopped greens, mayonnaise, salt and mix thoroughly the filling. Then we divide the pita bread into 2 parts, spread the resulting mass on the first sheet with an even layer, cover with the second pita bread and repeat the procedure. Next, we turn the pita bread into a roll and send it to the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. After the roll is cooled and saturated, cut it into portions.
Enjoy your meal!


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