Dining at Disney Around the World

Dining at Disney Around the World

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Taking a trip to a Disney park? Let this be your guide to food and drink

Disney is a magical place, and that magic extends to the food. Check out this guide to some can’t-miss restaurants.

The very name “Disney” immediately evokes thoughts of parents and their children happily bustling around one of many theme or water parks in the United States, Tokyo, Paris, or Hong Kong. Meeting characters, taking rides, and watching spectacular live performances of kid-centric shows are all part of the fun.

But while Disney is certainly diverting for the young, it’s also enjoyable for the young at heart, which includes practically everyone.

Couples in particular enjoy the Disney experience and will find babysitters for their kids — if they have any — so they can walk, talk, play, and dine in the “happiest place on earth” all by themselves.

Disney parks have plenty of food options for kids, who typically prefer hot dogs to haute cuisine. But when you’re at Disney with only your significant other, you’ll be able to linger over a delicious meal at a fine dining establishment, just the two of you.

Planning is the key to enjoying your day at Disney. If you spend the morning or afternoon enjoying a Disney park and have your heart set on going to a specific restaurant for lunch or dinner, you may be disappointed when you get to the door to find out that there is a three-hour wait before you can get a table.

The solution is simple.

If there’s a fine dining restaurant you want to try, go to the dining section of each park’s website and click on the appropriate restaurant link. You will be able to check availability for a specific day and there will always be a phone number provided for you or your hotel concierge to call to make reservations. In some cases, online reservations are a possibility.


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