Robert Sietsema Over at Eater Now

Robert Sietsema Over at Eater Now

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After the Village Voice layoffs, the food writer is over at Eater as a contributing columnist

Eater, one of the remaining food blogs still focusing on hyperlocal reporting, has recruited recently laid-off Robert Sietsema as a weekly columnist.

Sietsema, who was cut from the Village Voice in their staff slaughter two weeks ago (where gossip columnist Michael Musto and theater critic Michael Feingold were also laid off), has been tapped to write a weekly column about a "microneighborhood and its foodstuff," Eater says.

In Sietsema's inaugural column, the food writer features a six-block section of Brighton Beach in Brooklyn along Neptune Avenue. Some highlights? Oriental Chinese, El Jarochito (or "Little Rude One") for quality Mexican groceries, and a taqueria in the back with house-made chorizo sausages and weekend specials of barbacoa (braised goat). New Shama also gets pointed out as a place to get ground lamb and goat feet. Head on over to Eater for the full roundup (plus maps!). Only four picks for this neighborhood guide, but we're expecting a bit more in the near future (especially as he ventures to Queens). Day trip, anyone?

Watch the video: New York in a Dozen Dishes. Robert Sietsema. Talks at Google (June 2022).


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