Tiramisu brandy recipe

Tiramisu brandy recipe

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As I did not find (of course !!!) wine from Marsala I thought to put some brandy .. ... considering that tomorrow is Dragobetele, a holiday we allow ourselves to get dizzy from love, brandy or both , why not .... PS: tomorrow I'll be back with the section, now it's still cold ...

  • 600 gr biscuits
  • 250 ml espresso
  • 250 gr powdered sugar
  • 500 gr mascarpone
  • 50 ml brandy
  • 5 eggs
  • cocoa for decoration

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Tiramisu brandy recipe:

Tiramisu brandy recipe

This is the 5th time I make Tiramisu after many recipes and this is the first time I manage the cream:

beat the yolks with powdered sugar until the composition doubles and cools well

add the mascarpone cream and beat continuously with the mixer at low speed

then add the brandy, incorporate well then the beaten egg whites (preferably with a wooden lg, they will not soften.)

Mix with the mixer at a constant speed until you get a thick cream and put it in the freezer for 10 minutes.

In these ten minutes I made the coffee and mixed it with a teaspoon of sugar.

And the rest I suspect is known:

The first top of the biscuits soaked (2 seconds I left) in the coffee of the mourning cream ... and the last one to be of cream over which we sift cocoa.

I also greased the edges with cream, as there is still 3-4 lg left ..

Method of preparation

Mix the strawberry syrup (about 50 ml) with the white wine (also about 50 ml) and a little cinnamon powder. We wash the strawberries, clean them and halve them. Homogenize the yogurt with mascarpone cream, lemon juice and grated peel, caster sugar and vanilla sugar sachets. We take a form and spread a first compact layer of biscuits, syrup in abundance with the syrup mixture and grease with half the amount of cream, over which we place some of the drained strawberries. Repeat the procedure and let the dish soak for 1-2 hours in the refrigerator. Before serving, portion the tiramisu, and decorate it in abundance with cocoa powder, powdered sugar and a few strands of cinnamon.

Recommendations - if you prepare this dessert for the consumption of the little ones, replace the white wine with a sugar syrup (2-3 teaspoons of white sugar boil it with about 100 ml of water and let it cool) if you prepare it for adults, you can also call to a quality rum, or to a bitter mixed with a little cognac, as is done with the original recipe Tiramisu

Tips - if you do not have the financial resources to purchase mascarpone cream, you can prepare a mixture of cottage cheese and sweet cream (liquid cream)

Tip - if you don't have strawberry syrup, you can prepare what you need by crushing some fruit and straining the juice through a fine sieve.

Coffee cake and mascarpone

Coffee cake and mascarpone recipes: how to cook coffee cake and mascarpone and the tastiest victoria cake recipes with coffee and nuts, almond cake cioco coffee cake, recipes with mascarpone, muffins with mascarpone, tuna cream with mascarpone, tiramisu with whipped cream without mascarpone, cake with egg whites and walnuts, cake with cheese and apples , banana and yogurt cake, apricot and sour cream cake.

Semifreddo with mascarpone and coffee

Mascarpone 250g mascarpone 500ml liquid cream 2 eggs 1 sachet instant coffee 1 cup sugar (100-150g) milk chocolate

Tiramisu cake

Sweets, Pudding 3 eggs, 250 g whipped cream, 400g powdered sugar, 250 g mascarpone cheese 2 packets of biscuits, cocoa coffee

Tiramisu with martini

Sweets, Tiramisu 4 eggs, separated 4 tablespoons sugar 500g mascarpone 200ml hard coffee, cooled 6 tablespoons vodka 6 tablespoons coffee liqueur 200g biscuits 11/2 tablespoons cocoa 2 tablespoons ground coffee 3-4 coffee beans (optional)

Mascarpone cream with cream and coffee

Creams, Cakes, Cream cakes 500 g mascarpone 300 ml liquid cream 100 g powdered sugar 1.5 tablespoons ness 2 tablespoons espresso or coffee 1 sachet vanilla sugar

Tiramisu with 2 creams

Cocoa 1 large package of cocoa biscuits 300ml ready-made coffee mascarpone cream: 250gr. Mascarpone, 60 gr. Sugar 90 ml. Liquid cream, 40 ml. Milk, half vanilla pods. coffee cream: 250ml. milk, 100ml ready-made coffee 50 ml. whipped cream.

Coffee flavored cake

Sweets, Cake tops 200 g butter 6 eggs 6 tablespoons ground walnuts 200g powdered sugar 125 g flour a pinch of cocoa salt for coffee cream: 2 sachets instant coffee 200 g mascarpone cheese 200 g whipped cream a teaspoon of coffee from Dr. oetker 4 egg whites 200 g.

Tiberius Tiramisu

Cocoa, Coffee 500 gr mascarpone 200 gr lady fingers 150 gr sugar 6 pcs eggs 250 ml coffee 100 gr chocolate 50 gr cocoa


* 1 bag of biscuits so 400 500 grams, * 500 g mascarpone cheese, * 4 5 eggs, * 150 g sugar, * 400,500 ml espresso / ness / hard coffee, * a few tablespoons of brandy / liqueur / rum, * a box of 250 g whipped cream.


Cocoa, Yolks, Coffee 5 yolks, 500 g mascarpone 1/2 l liquid whipped cream 2 packets of vanilla cream from Dr. oetker, 1 cup sugar, 4 sheets of cocoa black coffee biscuits.

Delicious tiramisu with coffee and brandy

Sweets, Cakes for 20 servings super mascarpone cream - 500 g eggs - 4 pieces of sugar - 160 g coffee - 400 ml milk - 200 ml brandy or rum - 150 ml biscuits - 400 g

Delicious with mascarpone and amaretti

Sweets, 250g mascarpone delaco creams, 2 eggs, 250ml liquid cream, 100g powdered sugar, 2 sachets of vanilla sugar, 50ml disaronno almond liqueur, a bag of amaretti (200g), 1 sachet of nescafe brasero coffee, chocolate.

Cheesecake With Chocolate And Coffee

Cheesecake, Sweets 50g butter, melted 175g chocolate chip cookies, crushed 250g cream cheese 250g mascarpone 100g powdered sugar 150ml sour cream 1 teaspoon vanilla paste or essence 1 tablespoon flour 2 eggs plus 1 egg yolk 1 teaspoon instant coffee 2 teaspoons essence.

Coffee With Peanuts

Sweets, Cakes 200g butter 125g brown sugar 110g powdered sugar 3 eggs 200g flour 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 50ml milk 120g chopped walnuts 90ml coffee essence 200g powdered sugar coffee cream: 120g butter 250g powdered sugar 2 tablespoons coffee essence


Sweets, Cakes, Tiramisu 2 cans mascarpone cheese of 250 g each 400 ml liquid cream 30 pcs biscuits 3 egg yolks 150 g powdered sugar 2 teaspoons rum essence 2 sachets of vanilla sugar 2-3 tablespoons cocoa 300 ml coffee 2 cans milk for coffee (optional)

Summer cake with cherries

- 300g pitted cherries - 32 biscuits - 500ml cooking cream> 32% - 3 yolks - 3 tablespoons sugar - 250 - 300ml coffee - 20ml disarono or a very aromatic spirit drink - 100g household chocolate - 50ml sweet fatty milk - 250g.

Coffee and espresso cake

Sweets, Cakes 100 ml espresso coffee two tablespoons ground coffee 4 eggs 8 tablespoons caster sugar 100 g butter 250 g flour a teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon baking soda a sachet vanilla sugar a pinch of salt

Original Tiramisu cake

Sweets, Cakes 250 g biscuits, 250 g mascarpone, 3 eggs, 5 tablespoons sugar, 6 teaspoons coffee, 2 tablespoons rum essence, 100 g cocoa, 50 g whipped cream, 1 pinch salt, 1 tablespoon cocoa liqueur, 1 pc. vanilla sugar, 75 ml milk for whipped cream

Classic tiramisu with rum and coffee

Sweets, Cakes - 1 pack of champagne biscuits (200 gr) - 200 ml coffee - 1 ampoule of rum essence - 250 gr mascarpone - 250 ml whipped cream - 150 gr powdered sugar - 3 yolks - cocoa

Fruit cake and mascarpone

400 g champagne biscuits 250 g mascarpone cream 4 eggs 4 tablespoons sugar 500 ml hulala cream 2-3 cups concentrated coffee 1 vial vanilla essence / 1 teaspoon vanilla essence 1 compote of tropical fruits 450g juice from a compote of.

Tiramisu with rum, coffee and molasses topping

Tiramisu, Sweets 150ml hard coffee 4 tablespoons rum 5 teaspoons molasses sugar 40g golden sugar 2 eggs, separate 250g mascarpone vanilla extract 20 biscuits 1 tablespoon muscovado sugar

Reverie mocca - Coffee cake with meringue

Sweets, Cakes 1. chocolate top: 100 gr. dark chocolate (or with milk if you want the top to turn out sweeter), 60 gr cornflakes (I put nestle cini minies), 20 gr. chopped coffee beans. 2. pandispanul: 100. gr marzipan, 6 eggs, 175 gr. sugar, 40.

Marzipan, Mascarpone And Fruit Cake

Cakes, Sweets for cake: 250g butter 185g powdered sugar 1 orange - grated peel 4 eggs 100g flour 150g ground almonds 1 tablespoon baking powder 200g marzipan, chopped into 1 cm pieces 2 lemons - mascarpone icing juice: 200g mascarpone 200ml.

Dessert with mascarpone and white chocolate ganache

1 small packet of biscuits 200 ml liquid cream 250 gr white chocolate 250 gr mascarpone 400 ml harder coffee 2 tablespoons white rum 2 teaspoons vanilla essence 1-2 tablespoons cocoa 1 sachet ness heart candies for decoration

Coffee jelly

Coffee 2 cups coffee 1 tablespoon gelatin 2 tablespoons sugar (or to taste) whipped cream for garnish

Coffee With Tiramisu Cream And Cream

Cakes, Sweets, Cakes 225g butter 225g powdered sugar 4 eggs 225g flour 3 teaspoons coffee essence 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 75g walnut, finely chopped, plus halves of walnuts, for decoration 1/2 teaspoon cocoa 1/2 teaspoon sugar powder for tiramisu cream: 250g mascarpone.

Praline Tiramisu

Cocoa 30 Savoyard biscuits 1 cup hard coffee 1 teaspoon amaretto 250 gr cocoa mascarpone

Tiramisu with mascarpone

Sweets, Cakes for 12 servings: 1 box of mascarpone cream cheese 1 large bag of biscuits 2 sachets of whipped cream 2 eggs 4 tablespoons of sugar 2 sachets of vanilla sugar 1 teaspoon of rum essence 3 squares of dark chocolate (for shaving) 3-4 cups of hard coffee.

Coffee muffins

Sweets, Cakes 300g flour 4 eggs 200g butter 200g sugar 1 sachet vanilla sugar 1 teaspoon ground coffee 2 sachets baking powder 3 tablespoons hard coffee 2 tablespoons coffee liqueur or cream coffee liqueur chocolate and coffee candies (optional).

Tiramisu Cake With Chocolate Cherries

Cakes, Sweets, Cakes 2 boxes of biscuits (about 40 biscuits in total) - I needed more and to decorate 400 g mascarpone 200 g liquid cream 50 g powdered sugar 300 ml freshly brewed coffee, hard 2 teaspoons instant coffee 50 ml rum 2 sachets of sugar.


Cocoa, Cream, Yolks -1 pack of champagne biscuits (200 gr) -200 ml coffee -1 vial of rum essence -250 gr mascarpone -250 ml whipped cream -150 gr powdered sugar -3 yolks -cocoa

Cake-pudding with coffee sauce

Ingredients for the sauce: 1. 350 ml hard coffee 2. half a cup of brown sugar 3. half a cup of white sugar 4. 40 gr cocoa powder 5. a row of dark chocolate (approx. 20 gr) cake ingredients (for a tray of 22/22): 1. 80 gr.

Walnut And Coffee Cake

Sweets, Cakes 400g condensed milk 100g brown sugar 50g butter 2 teaspoons coffee and chicory essence 100g nuts, fried, crushed 200g dark chocolate base: 225g flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 80g brown sugar 150g butter 1 teaspoon coffee and chicory essence

Cake-pudding with coffee sauce

Sweets, Cakes sauce ingredients: 350 ml hard coffee half a cup of brown sugar half a cup of white sugar 40 gr cocoa powder a row of dark chocolate (approx. 20 gr) cake ingredients (for a 22/22 tray) : 80 gr melted butter at.

Tiramisu fast

Sweets, Cakes ingredients: - 500g mascarpone - 150g powdered sugar - 5 yolks - vanilla extract - 2 packets of Savoyard biscuits - 250ml coffee, cold - cocoa for decoration

Tiramisu a la Maya

Sweets, Milk sugar cakes 1 vanilla pudding coffee biscuits (not very strong) mascarpone 3 drops almond flavor - cocoa


Cocoa ingredients: 200g biscuits 250 g mascarpone 2 eggs 2 tablespoons sugar 6 cups coffee a little cocoa.


Cakes, Tiramisu, Sweets 250 gr mascarpone 3 eggs, 2 tablespoons cocoa 500 ml coffee 3 tablespoons sugar biscuits


Sweets, Cakes 4 yolks, a quarter cup powdered sugar, 60 ml milk, 250 gr mascarpone, 3 egg whites, 1 pack of Savoyard biscuits 375 bitter coffee, cocoa for the end

Tiramisu Cake With Chocolate

6 eggs, Coffee, Tiramisu for countertop 200 gr butter at room temperature 250 gr sugar 6 separate eggs 210 gr flour 40 gr cappuccino powder 1 1/2 sachets baking powder 50 gr chocolate with melted rum 25 ml coffee for cream 100 ml coffee 50 ml chocolate liqueur 250 gr.

Coffee flavored cake

for countertop: 4 eggs, 100ml milk, 150g butter, 200g sugar, 350g flour, 50g cocoa, 2 tablespoons instant coffee, a baking powder. for cream: 200g sweet cheese, 100g sugar, 2 eggs, a vanilla essence.

Cup dessert, with white chocolate and rose jam

100 gr white chocolate (from lidl) 250 gr hulala liquid cream 250 gr mascarpone 2 tablespoons rose jam (raureni) 12 savoiardi biscuits 500 ml weaker boiled coffee (3 teaspoons coffee + 1 teaspoon sugar) 25 ml amaretto 50 gr hazelnuts.

Tiramisu Ice Cake

500 g mascarpone 115 g powdered sugar 6 tablespoons brandy 50 g dark chocolate small pieces 150 ml lightly whipped cream 2 tablespoons ground coffee 200 g biscuits

Chocolate coffee pot

Sweets, Cakes for 4 servings: 8 champagne biscuits, 50 ml of hard coffee, 1 tablespoon of coffee liqueur, 1 tablespoon of instant coffee, 1 sachet of chocolate sarlota from Dr. oetker, 300 ml of cold milk from the fridge, 10 beans coffee. we still need: 4 cups.


Sweets, Foams 200 g sugar 4 yolks 40 ml amaretto liqueur (I put cognac) 500 g mascarpone 250 g Savoyard biscuits 2 cups espresso or very hard coffee sweetened a little 2 tablespoons cocoa


Cakes, Sweets 2 cups black coffee, hard 1/2 cup Marsala wine 3 eggs, separate 1/3 cup powdered sugar 250g mascarpone 300ml whipped cream, lightly beaten 1 large pack of cocoa biscuits

Tiramisu with strawberries

Sweets, Cakes 500gr strawberries 1 chocolate tablet 1 box of mascarpone cream 500 gr whipped cream 4 eggs 1 packet of biscuits 7 tablespoons sugar 250 ml coffee 50 ml amaretto

Tiramisu with whiskey

Sweets, Cakes 4 biscuits 500 ml whipped cream 300 g mascarpone cheese 2 yolks 150 g powdered sugar 2 sachets vanilla sugar 2 tablespoons whiskey coffee cocoa

Coffee liqueur

200g ground coffee 400ml refined alcohol or vodka 1l milk 500g sugar 1 vanilla stick coffee essence

Cocoa and coffee cake

Counter egg whites: 3 egg yolks 5 egg whites 250g butter 250g sugar 1 teaspoon ground coffee 4 teaspoons cocoa 400g flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon rum essence. cream: 4 yolks 200g sugar 1 teaspoon cocoa 1 teaspoon ground coffee 1 teaspoon.

Cake with coffee cream and vanilla pudding

Sweets, Cakes countertop 6 eggs 30 ml water 30 ml oil 25 g cocoa 3 tablespoons ground coffee 6 tablespoons flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 8 tablespoons cream sugar 1 5 egg yolks 250 g sugar 100 ml concentrated coffee 300 g butter cream 2 1 sachet vanilla pudding 300 ml milk 100 ml.

The secrets of a successful recipe. Tiramisu, a traditional Italian recipe

Tiramisu is a recipe that is not put in the oven, but has to stay in the fridge for a few hours, maybe even overnight. Some recipes also show that you can add to this cake fruits (raspberries, strawberries or blueberries) or lightly browned almond flakes.

If you don't want to fail, keep a few secrets in mind: use organic eggs, quality mascarpone cream, and the drink you use should also be of quality. You can use Marsala or Amaretto. Also, the coffee must be a strong one in which a finger of Marsala and a drop of cold water are added. The biscuits are soaked in cold coffee.


The History of Tiramisu (by Anna Maria Volpi, www.sallybernstein.com)

What’s Tiramisu? Well, it depends… (by Marian Burros, New York TimesMarch 6, 1985)

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Sweet story, sweet story. And I don't write more, as I usually do, I'm just silent and I think that a dessert, at this hour, would be welcome after today's hard work.
Note 10!

Dear Madam,
I have been making tiramisu for many years, with pasteurized yolks or not, but I made a double portion according to your recipe and I can tell you that it is the best.
Thank you for your kindness in publishing it.
I wish you all the best!

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Tiramisu with ricotta cream cheese

- First boil an amount equal to 3 cups of strong coffee
- Mix the brandy coffee in a large bowl
- Grate the chocolate as finely as possible
- Separately mix ricotta cheese with honey (if you can't find ricotta cheese easily then prepare it at home using cow's cheese and 3 tablespoons of kefir that mixes well with the mixer)
- After mixing the cheese and honey well, add the chocolate and mix again until you get a consistent and pleasant cream in appearance.
- Soak each Savoiardi biscuit in the composition of coffee and brandy and place them on a beautiful glass plate formed in consecutive layers that are covered each in turn with cream cheese
- You have already obtained the famous tiramisu cake that still needs to be sprinkled abundantly with cocoa and is almost ready to serve
- Put the cake in the fridge where it will stay for at least 2 hours, the cream will penetrate well and the cake will get a pleasant and firm appearance after 2 hours you can serve Tiramisu.

Attention: If you want to enrich the taste of the cake you can add to the preparation of cream cheese and finely chopped glazed fruits to give an extra flavor.

Necessary ingredients

For muffins:

- 150 g of flour
- 60 ml of milk
- 3 whole eggs
- 3 yolks
- 100 g of sugar
- half a packet of butter (at room temperature)
- a teaspoon of baking powder
- A little salt.

For mascarpone cream:

- 250 ml of sour cream
200 g of mascarpone
- half a cup of powdered sugar.

For coffee syrup:

- 130-140 ml of hard brewed coffee
- two tablespoons of Marsala wine (you can also use brandy)
- two tablespoons of sugar.

For decoration:

Tiramisu - the simplest and tastiest dessert

200 g of mascarpone cheese
8-10 biscuits
2 small egg yolks (or 1 very large)
2 tablespoons sugar
very hard, chilled coffee
1 1/2 tablespoons brandy
1-2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa
chocolate chips (optional)

Method of preparation

In a bowl, beat the egg yolk with the sugar and half the amount of brandy, until you get a cream.

Carefully incorporate mascarpone cheese into the cream.

The mixture obtained should be a little softer than the consistency of a mayonnaise.

If the mixture is not thick enough, use a hand blender.

In a small plate, mix the coffee with the rest of the brandy. Dip the biscuits in this mixture, arrange on a serving platter and

cover with a third of the mascarpone cream.

Add the second layer of biscuits soaked in the coffee and brandy mixture,

and the rest of the cream is spread on top.

Refrigerate for 4 hours or overnight. Before serving, sprinkle with cocoa and chocolate chips.

Coffee and brandy - recipes and cooking proportions - Articles 2021 - Alcheek

Among the tonic alcoholic cocktails, a special place for coffee with cognac. With the right preparation, you can get a tasty, hot drink, giving a strong boost of energy and uplifting. Next we will look at 5 of the best cognac coffee recipes on the version of the site version of "AlkoFan".

To get a soft taste, use only high quality cognac (not at home) and ground coffee (insoluble).

1. Custard. A teaspoon of coffee poured into a fine sieve and compacted. pour the top 15-20 ml of brandy, then add another tablespoon of coffee. Next sieve to bring a cup and pour slowly through 100 ml of hot water (do not boil). Cover cup and saucer, wait a minute. At the final stage to add sugar to taste.

2. French. The peculiarity of this recipe is that coffee and brandy are not mixed in a cup and served separately. First you have to boil the coffee and add sugar to taste. Moreover, pour a little brandy into a separate glass. First, drink a cup of coffee, then - brandy. It looks like an interesting taste, we advise you to try.

In France, he drinks brandy coffee, but not the other way around

3. Vienna. The most refined recipe, but it takes a relatively long time. To prepare a portion of drink need a teaspoon coffee pour 100 ml of hot water, boil for 1-2 minutes on low heat, without boiling. Then put in a deep plate of 3 pieces of sugar, 2 cloves buds, cinnamon chips and grated lemon peel or orange. content antenna pour 20-30 ml of brandy and light. Pour into a brewed coffee cup, add soaked in brandy, pre-filtered through a strainer.

4. Coffee with brandy and milk. The drink is made in a ratio of 8: 1: 1 (in eight parts of the coffee is added a partial milk and brandy). Feature - before mixing the coffee should cool a bit, otherwise the milk will coagulate.

The coffee should not be too hot, otherwise the milk will curdle!

5. Russian. It is considered the easiest and fastest. Just add in a cup of two teaspoons of brandy and sugar to taste. Then pour the coffee. The drink is ready.

Careful! In cardiovascular diseases drinking coffee with brandy can be harmful to health. Drinks are versatile - brandy dilates blood vessels, and coffee, conversely, shrinks. In some cases, this cocktail leads to a disturbance of heart rate and increases blood pressure.

Healthy people, doctors recommend drinking no more than one cup of coffee with brandy a day. In moderation this combination can be really useful. For example, to prevent atherosclerosis and cancer.

Tiramisu & # 8211 the traditional Italian delicacy

I already told you, when I opened the series of February desserts, with the Millefeuille recipe with white chocolate and strawberries, that I prefer that love be celebrated as often as possible. So, Valentine's Day, and Dragobete, and any other day you want. Therefore, for tonight, I have prepared another sweet declaration of love, to be shared by candlelight, in the clink of glasses of wine or, even better, champagne. And for special moments on a special day, I chose such a delicious Tiramisu. The beloved Italian dessert is very easy to make, just consider that it is better after being cold for a few hours and choose good quality ingredients.

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